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Thank you, Billy!

“During the MotoGP calendar there’s also the FIM MotoE series, obviously for electric bikes only, well Energica ones to be more precise. They’ve been involved since 2019 with the electric bike new class, which is gaining momentum at an unrivaled pace. Indeed they’ll continue as the single manufacturer until 2022. All good to watch and be impressed by you say, but what if I wanted to own one for the road and visits to my local pub, seeing as ‘race’ bikes are for track use only?”

“Well I have the answer and this is it; the stunning Energica Ego that is basically their race bike for road use. Over 150hp and 200Nm +/- is what you get and every ride is as exciting as finding your first porn mag under your dad’s bed. An obscene amount of thrust is delivered in such a civilised fashion that I had no interest in anything with a petrol engine for the week the Ego was in my garage. I wouldn’t say it’s the best bike I’ve ever ridden, because that debate can be argued for many hours and is dependant on what you’ve been drinking, but the Ego is, without doubt, one of the most impressive.”

Source: Billy’s Bikes