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Ride The Future — Join The Revolution

Internal combustion transportation has evolved for more than 100 years. The electric transportation revolution (referred to as the next Disruptive Innovation) is still in its infancy – Imagine where it will be 100 years from now! Gas-guzzling anthropoids will be like the horse-and-buggy must have been to Henry Ford – Relics of an ancient past.

Technological advancements in electric transportation is disrupting Big Oil, held in place only by the sheer momentum of the massive internal combustion transportation industry. But ‘the writing is on the wall’… Fossil-fuel is dying. Long live Sustainable and Renewable energy!

Energica Expands the Universe of Riding

No emissions, no shifting, no clutch action, and maximum thrills. Energica Motor Company is the first Italian manufacturer of high-performing electric motorcycles. Our motorcycles are the ultimate expression of Italian exclusivity, masterfully manufactured in the Italian Motor Valley in Modena. Energica’s secret formula is based on a simple realization, that 0% emissions mean 100% fun. Bikes based on our racing experience, with superb components and build quality, but made for the real world, for real roads and real riders.

Don’t miss out!

The DNA of Electronics

Any mechanical, electrical or biological system needs instructions to be able to work. For biological organisms there is DNA, and for software there is the number of lines of program code.

The Energica Software has reached 1.1M lines of code (645,000 lines only for the VCU), over 200,000 more than a Space Shuttle!

Here is a list to compare this data:

Space Shuttle

Energica VCU

Energica Software

F22 Raptor

Hubble Telescope

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